The Podcast
These are the jokes, the sketches, the radio dramas,
because a podcast can mean so many things.
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Episode 1

Listen to Episode One of the full cast audio-based sketch comedy extravaganza, ESCAPE REALITY RADIO THEATER! Episodes are woven together and each hosted by a different member of the troupe!

Starred in order of appearance: Jared Souza, Nicolette Regina, Nathan Franklin, Katelyn Melton, Jen Fitzpatrick, Jon Adams, Josh Fitz and Phil McNassar.Written by Jared Souza, with contributions from the gang, edited by Nicolette Regina and Brett Cavin and directed by Phil McNassar. Music by Nathan Franklin and featuring John Philip Sousa’s Semper Fidelis. All rights reserved 2020 by Escape Reality LLC.

Show #2

Stop me if you've heard this before... this is a comedy the likes of which will possibly save your entire existence. Listen now and listen well. All thinks and things simply fit onto a handful of lines. Like condensed soup, delicious and heartwarming. Can your listening ears taste this treat?